5 Most Expensive Coffins of All Time

4. Glenwood Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery

Glenwood Cemetery 3

Glenwood Cemetery 2

Glenwood Cemetery 1

The Glenwood Cemetery is located in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1871 and is the first ever professionally designed cemetery in Houston. It has an abundance of statues of weeping angels, shrouded monoliths, oak trees, and lush green surroundings, organized in a very well executed way.

This historic cremation ground is the resting place of many eminent personalities, and citizens of Texas, who paid up almost $25,000 for the privilege. Some of them are William P. Hobby, Anson Jones, Edward Hopkins Cushing, James Wilson Henderson, Dr. Denton Cooley, Howard R. Hughes, Jr., and Gene Tierney.

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