5 Most Expensive Coffins of All Time


3. Santa Barbara Cemetery

Santa Barbara Cemetery

Santa Barbara Cemetery 2

Considered as “The Best Last Place”, the Santa Barbara Cemetery is located in California. The cemetery is well known for its magnificent and scenic beauty. Even author David Petry was so fascinated that he researched on the Santa Barbara Cemetery and penned down the history of this glorious burial ground.

The cemetery was built in 1782 and from that date, it has undergone many natural and manual changes. The first burial plot, founded in this graveyard, was The Santa Barbara Presidio.

To own a place for cremation in this exclusive cemetery, one has to spend a hefty amount of $83,000. This cemetery is the resting place of many renowned people, like Laurence Harvey, Fess Parker, Ronald Coleman, Byron Haskin, Jeanne Crain, Kenneth Rexroth, and Jane Russell.

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