20 Surprising Celebrities Who Have Had Nose Jobs

16. Leona Lewis


Through her amazing vocal range, Leona Lewis won “The X Factor”, but through her sunny and sophisticated looks, she wowed her fans. The singer has dismissed the truth of her rhinoplasty. However, her nose tip appears well-refined and narrow. Also, the bridge looks sharper than before. Thumbs up if any nose job has actually performed!

17. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton seems to have more than one rhinoplasty treatment, but she has not admitted to even one, till now. However, by looking at her now and then pictures, it is quite apparent that she has undergone a nose job. In her recent pics, her nasal wings appear much more pronounced, and nose looks narrower.

18. Holly Madison


Holly Madison openly admits that she has undergone a nose job. Apart from a rhinoplasty, she also has had other cosmetic surgeries. Her before and after surgery pictures clearly show the difference between her much bigger nose she had earlier, and a slimmer nose she has now. And to her satisfaction, she is quite happy with the results.

19. Christina Aguilera


The more sculpted and thinner nose of the diva clearly divulges that she has undergone a rhinoplasty treatment. Now, she appears fresh and young. No doubt, weight loss can be a reason of her gorgeousness, but the fabulous effects of plastic surgery on her prettiness cannot be ignored.

20. Jennifer Grey


Making it the most unfortunate experiences ever, the nose job never benefited the actress, but instead ruined her career. After her movie, “Dirty Dancing”, Jennifer went for a nose job, which later acted like a menace to her career. There was a vast difference in her nose after a rhinoplasty, which made it difficult for anyone to recognize her.

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