20 Surprising Celebrities Who Have Had Nose Jobs

11. Matt Dillon


Matt Dillon has successfully managed to give an almost natural look to his nose by undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. While looking at the old pictures of his youth, it is easy to make out that he has managed to lengthen the tip of his nose, which was somewhat bulbous and rounded before. After a well-executed nose job, his nose appears to more masculine now.

12. Kim Kardashian


Though, Kim has denied about getting a nose job done, but a picture is worth a thousand words. After looking through photos of Kim, the actress appears to have had a nose job. She has got the bump removed, and her nose appears thin, elegant and more glamorous. Well done job!

13. Angelina Jolie


At the first glance, one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie, will put you in doubt that whether she has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure or not. However, her previous and recent images indicate some signs of nose job done, which is difficult to deny at all. Her nose looks a bit thinner as compared to the shape of her nose in previous pictures.

14. Zac Efron


This good looking guy has definitely had some knife run on his nose. The rhinoplasty gave Zac a crooked nasal bridge and more sculpted tip. No matter, the actor accepts or denies the nose job, but the fact is that he now looks hotter, attractive and mature. Do you agree?

15. Tom Cruise


Though, dashing Tom claims that he would ‘never’ way out to plastic surgery to turn back the clock, but his pictures say something else. Tom is 51 years old but still looks half his age. Thanks to his plastic surgeon, who has done his work so nicely that the actor still manages to look young. Take a close look to his 2003 and 2010 pics, and you will see that his nose tip appears a little smaller.

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