20 Surprising Celebrities Who Have Had Nose Jobs

6. Megan Fox


Looking at Megan Fox’s before and after rhinoplasty images, it is hard to make any difference in the appearance of her nose. But, if looked closely, it can be noticed that apparently she didn’t like the little bump on her nose and scraped it off. Even the surgeon has successfully managed to remove the tiny bump, thus, making her perfect nose more ideal.

7. Salma Hayek


It is her sharp features, which make Salma’s looks so beautiful. On comparing the pics of a younger Aniston with the recent ones, it seems that she wasn’t satisfied with the shape of her nose and apparently went for a rhinoplasty.

8. Heidi Montag


Though, she has undergone other plastic surgeries as well; the nose treatment Heidi got cannot be denied too. Along with liposuction,nose job and breast enlargement, she underwent 10 procedures in a day. Her nose looks much slimmer and contoured now. Nice transformation!

9. Janet Jackson


Rhinoplasty is no wonder for the Jackson family. Janet Jackson has also got a nose job done just like her brother Michael and sister La Toya. Though, she did not overdo the surgery, still the difference is clearly visible.

10. Cameron Diaz


Unlike other celebs, Cameron Diaz publicly admits that she had gotten work done on her nose not to enhance her appearance or beauty, but for medical reasons. She had a rhinoplasty in the year 2006 to fix her accidentally injured nose as she was feeling difficulty in breathing.

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