20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

#13 Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring

Price: $250,000

One of the costliest engagement rings is worn by Angelina Jolie, specially designed for her finger by a Beverly Hill-based jeweler, Robert Procop. It was gifted to her by the famous actor, Brad Pitt. It is beautifully designed and studded with the most precious diamonds, keeping in mind her delicate finger. The ring is valued at a price of $250,000. It almost created a buzz about the couple’s link-up when Angelina was spotted flaunting it.

#14 Helle Berry’s Engagement Ring

Helle Berry’s Engagement Ring

Price: $200,000

The engagement ring, worn by Helle Berry, comes among the most expensive engagement rings, not just because of the green emerald encrusted on it, but also due to its unique design. The ring is studded with a 4-carat bright green emerald stone in the middle while it also features the codes and symbols on its body, which makes it unique from other expensive rings. It is valued at $200,000.

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