20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

#5 DeBeers Round Brilliant Platinum Ring

DeBeers Round Brilliant Platinum Ring

Price: $1.83 million

‘DeBeers Round Brilliant Platinum Ring’ is another one of the most expensive engagement rings. The beautiful ring will surely tempt you at least once because of its elegant design. The ring is made of platinum studded with a 9 carat round diamond in its center. It is priced at $1.83 million.

#6 Jacqueline Kennedy’s Engagement Ring

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Engagement Ring

Price: $1.5 million

The sixth most expensive engagement ring is worn by Jacqueline Kennedy. Senator John F. Kennedy gifted his lady love with a beautiful diamond ring worth $1.5 million. The ring is made of 2.88 carats clear shimmer with a green emerald encrusted in the middle and small diamonds shining along its sides.

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