20 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

#19 Nicole Kidman’s Engagement Ring

Nicole Kidman’s Engagement Ring

Price: $45,000

It’s not just the precious diamonds, but also the unique design of the ring, which makes it so expensive. Keith Urban gifted Nicole Kidman with a dazzling Cartier engagement ring. The ring is made in an antique style with three diamonds in the middle well-surrounded by several small shimmers. The band of this ring is said to be the Cartier eternity band. It is valued at $45,000.

#20 Cheryl Cole’s Engagement Ring

Cheryl Cole’s Engagement Ring

Price: $13,953

Marriage is an unforgettable moment for everyone. But, the wedding celebrations for Cheryl Cole got doubled as she was gifted a cushion-cut engagement ring by her fiancé, Ashley Cole. It is surrounded by small sparklers and costs $13,953.

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