20 Amazing Celebrity Closets You Always Wished to See

11. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is an American singer, record producer, actress, philanthropist, and songwriter. She is a multi-talented person who won many awards and a talented singer. Her closet is the most gigantic one. She has more than 1000 pairs of shoes. Her closet is arranged according to the colors and occasions. Let’s see what is inside her closet.


A sneak peak of her wonderland like a closet!

mariah-carey-closet (3)

It looks like Mariah owns a showroom of shoes.


Apart from her love for shoes, a wide range of handbags is also remarkable.


We don’t know how many designer clothes she owns.

You can sit at this place all day and look at this piece of art! It is like a dream closet for everyone, or we can say it the most desired closet ever! Mariah’s closet is arranged mostly by the materials, and for the special events.

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