15 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs in the World

13. Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth – $14 Billion

Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz, an internet entrepreneur and the co-founder of Facebook has an estimated net worth of $14 billion. He gathered his net worth as a co-founder of Facebook. He is the famous internet entrepreneur for his active involvement with several social networking sites. He serves as the CEO of the internet business application, Asana. He was a 6% owner of Facebook. He left Facebook in 2008 and co-founded Asana with Justin Rosenstein. It is a software company aiming to improve workings of people with collaboration tools.  He has received $1.2 million from Sean Parker, an investor. He does not live like a billionaire and believes to use the money for good and for helping others. He is involved in philanthropic works and has donated to various charitable causes. According to Forbes, he is the world’s self-made billionaire.

14. William Ding Net Worth – $16 Billion

William Ding

William Ding, co-founder of NetEase has an estimated net worth of $16 billion. He began as an engineer for the government in Ningbo. He founded the internet company NetEase in late 90’s. The site became 27th most visited site in the world. He is the richest person in Minland, China. His company is one of the most successful companies in the Chinese history. The company is testing new apps including a restaurant recommendation application. The company also hosts news, search, micro blogging and other services on its portal.

15. Eric Lefkofsky Net Worth – $1.75 Billion

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric lefkofsky, an American entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $1.75 billion. He has accumulated his net worth through various internet ventures as a social entrepreneur and the president of Blue Media, LLC. He is the co-founder of Groupon, the Chicago based online coupon machine. It was once known as the fastest growing company ever. He operates a venture fund named Lightbank. He was on the Forbes’ list of new billionaires, in 2011.

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