15 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs in the World

9. Ma Huateng Net Worth – $44 Billion

Ma Huateng

Ma Huateng, a Chinese internet entrepreneur is also known by his nicknamed- Pony. He has an estimated net worth of $44 billion. He is the chief executive officer, president, founder and the executive board member of Tencent Holdings Ltd., one of the largest internet companies in the world. It is one of the most significant telecommunication companies in China. He has worked with China Motion Telecom Development Ltd., developing internet paging system. The product named Tencent QQ, an instant messaging service which became very popular in China and pulled much wealth to the company. Tencent added more employees to become the largest instant communication service network in China.

10. Xavier Niel Net Worth – $8.1 Billion

Xavier Niel

Xavier Niel, a French entrepreneur and a successful businessman has an estimated net worth of $8.1 billion. He sold his first technology company, an online sex chat site Minitel at the age of 19. He is best known as the majority shareholder and founder of the French lucrative reverse directory service Iliad, one of the largest internet service providers in France. He has invested in World-Net, the first French internet service provider. He has also launched his own internet service provider company named Free, the first company to offer a triple-play multi-service box. He holds 63% stake in Iliad. He has launched an angel investor company Kima Ventures, which has invested in more than 130 companies.

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