15 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs in the World

7. Eric Schmidt Net Worth $11 Billion

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, an American software engineer and businessman is the executive chairman of Google. He has a total worth of $11 billion. He holds 49th rank on “400 richest Americans list” by Forbes. He was hired by the Google founders to help the multi-billion dollar company grow at a faster pace. He was rewarded stock options for his services to the company. He has worked with Sun Microsystems as vice president and GM. He also served as the vice president of general systems group. He was on the first position out of fifty most important internet people and was named as Top Gun CEO. He was also on the board of Apple for a very short time, where he received $250,000 as salary. He also received compensations and stock options from Google. His philanthropic interest includes activities with Schmidt Ocean Institute, which is responsible to preserve reef habitats. He also backs a high-profile asteroid mining project of the company- Planetary Resources.

8. Robin Li Net Worth – $13 Billion

Robin Li

Robin Li, an internet entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $13 billion. He is the second wealthiest man in china. He is the founder of the search engine Baidu. He serves as the board member of New Oriental Education & Technology, a New York listed company. He worked to develop a software program for the online edition of The Wall Street Journal. He launched his own search engine in 2009, using an algorithm Randex, patented in mid 90’s. It is the third largest search engine in the world. He worked for Infoseek, a search pioneer in Silicon Valley.

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