15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Gone are the days when television, newspapers, and radio were the only means to collect information and communicate. Today, with the advancements in the technology, a lot of transformations have taken place in the ways of socializing. World Wide Web has become an essential medium for spreading news, personal ideas, business activities, and a lot more. Social networking has emerged as a swift mode of communication. Here is the list of 15 most popular networking sites, which allows you to do messages, sharing posts and business-related ideas, join communities, create groups and share your interests.

#1 Facebook

FacebookFacebook is an online social networking site and one of the “Global 2000 Leading Companies” in the world with the market capital of $63.47 billion. It secures 2nd rank on the Alexa Internet Incorporation rankings. It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg along with his university students and college roommates in February 2004. It is considered as the greatest social networking site with 1.15 billion active users, globally. Revenue of the company comes from advertisements. It is a site where user can create account, share profile, pictures, posts, and personal interests. It has become a favourite pastime for many users.

#2 Twitter

twitterTwitter is the most popular microblogging and online social networking site, offering users to send, receive, and read “Tweets”. Tweets are the text messages with a limit of 140 characters. Various celebrities, including scientists, actresses, actors, astronauts, athletes, writers, and musicians have their account on Twitter. People use it not only for sharing their daily activities, but also to raise their voice against any misdemeanour around the world. It secures 11th rank on the Alexa Internet Incorporation rankings. It is one of the 10 most-visited websites in the world.

#3 LinkedIn

linkedinLinkedIn is a networking site for business professionals. The site was co-founded by Reid Hoffman. According to Forbes, it has a market capital of $19.07 billion. It is one of the “Global 2000 Leading Companies” in the world. This professional networking site has more than 225 million users in more than 200 countries and territories. The site is available in 20 different languages for user convenience. It is known from sources that executives from every Fortune 500 company have their profile on this site. It secures 10th rank on the Alexa Internet Incorporation rankings. LinkedIn helps in discovering sales leads, find relevant jobs, and connecting with business partners.

#4 Pinterest  

pinterestPinterest is a photo-sharing website, which permits users to manage and create theme-based image collection, like hobbies, interests, and events. It is the modified form of social image bookmarking system. This pinboard-style site helps users to browse other pinboards for images. Users can re-pin the images to their own pinboards and they can also “like” the images. It secures 28th rank on the Alexa Internet Incorporation rankings. This site is most popular amongst the women users.

#5 Google Plus+

google plusGoogle Plus+ is owned and regulated by Google Incorporation and has almost 500 million user registrations. According to Google Incorporation, “Google+ is a Social Layer that enhances many of its online properties, unlike conventional social networks generally accessed through a single website.” It allows users to import contacts from Yahoo! and Hotmail. Between April-June 2013, 30% of smartphone users used Google+ and made it fourth most used app.

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