15 Most Popular Search Engines

If we want to search for some information on the computer, we always have one word on our mouth, i.e. Google. Yes, we find Google the best destination to find relevant information. But, very few people know about various other search engines, which are as efficient and accurate as Google. Automatic site map, complete customization, content monitoring, super fast set-up, etc. are the features, which are mainly prioritized by users. Here, we have prepared a list of “15 Most Popular Search Engines”, which are providing multiple features and meeting the expectations of the users. Go through it!

#1 Google


Google Web Search is a search engine with the top most ranking in the world. It is owned by Google Incorporation. It is the most used search engine in the world with over 300 billion searches every day. It is undoubtedly the king of simple searching. It secures first rank on the 2013 Alexa Internet Traffic rankings, and no other search engine seems to overtake the position of Google in the coming future. It is the most dominating search engine, providing features, like spell check, resurrecting dead pages, stock quotes, telephone numbers, currency conversion, dictionary lookups, sports scores, and street maps. It’s a multi-lingual search engine, available in 123 languages. Presently, Google Chrome is the first choice of users to search relevant information.

#2 Bing


Bing, originally called as MSN Search, was introduced by Microsoft to give competition to Google. It was developed in 2009. It secures 15th rank on the Alexa Internet Traffic. It is available in 40 different languages. It is popular for features, like daily background changing, video homepage, spell check, flight tracking, dictionary, mathematical calculations, advanced filters, etc. Apart from these features, Bing offers several web pages to fulfil the requirements of the user, including Bing Image, Bing Event, Bing Recipe, Bing Maps, Bing Ads, Bing Travel, etc. It offers other tools, such as related searches, wiki suggestions, and visual search tools.

#3 Yahoo!


Yahoo is a search engine, which is considered as the second largest web’s search directory. It is launched and managed by Yahoo! Incorporation. It is one of the favourite search engines, which act as a news aggregator, a travel directory, an email box, games center, and a shopping center. With availability in 40 languages, it is known for using its own search technology. It has the combined features of different search engines. In 2009, it entered into a contract with Microsoft. Since then, it is effectively powered by Bing.

#4 Ask


Ask.com is a question answering based search engine. It was introduced by David Warthen and Garrett Gruener in 1996. It was initially known as Ask Jeeves. It is renowned for malware toolbar. As of October 2013, it is ranked 34th by the Alexa Internet Traffic rankings. Its leading competitors are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Ask, a crawler-based technology, is under the ownership of InterActiveCorp. The search engine offers question/answer format to the users, where answers are provided by the users. It is one of the admired search engines with general search functionality. It caters 125 million users per month.

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