15 Most Expensive Houses in the World

9. Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K.

Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace Gardens 1

Kensington Palace Gardens 2

Kensington Palace Gardens comprises of some of the costliest properties in the world. It is a famous street and is also known as the “most exclusive address”, in London.

It was originally named as the “Queens Road”, but was changed into Kensington Palace Gardens in 1870. The current occupants of the street include many dignified overseas representatives, including the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Russian Embassy, Indian Senior Ambassador, Japanese Ambassador, Ambassador of Finland, Russian Ambassador, Lebanese Embassy, Slovakian Embassy, entrepreneur Lakshmi Mittal, Jonathan Hunt (founder of Foxtons), entrepreneur Leonard Blavatnik, investor Roman Abramovich, Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan of Brunei), Tamara Ecclestone, and many more.

However, Russian investor, Roman Abramovich, purchased a plush residence in Kensington Palace Gardens in 2011, for $140 million from hedge-fund manager Pierre Lagrange. All the other splendid properties in this aristocratic area are worth multi- millions.

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