15 Most Expensive Houses in the World


10. Updown Court, Surrey, England

Updown Court



Updown Court 3

Designed magnificently in neo-classic Californian style, the Updown Court in was built in 1924, in Windlesham, England. This is one amongst the most expensive mansions in the world, which is purchased by Leslie Allen-Vercoe, an English entrepreneur, for a hefty amount of $139 million. He renovated the house, after he purchased it in 2002.

This exotic palace-like dwelling is designed by Arizona based architect, John B. Scholz. It features 103 massive rooms that cover the area of approximately 58 acres, a theatre, bowling alley, five swimming pools, and a helipad. The marble flooring of the house is said to be of nearly $13.3 million. In 2005, it was considered as the “most expensive private house in the world”, which have been put on sale in the market for $138 million.

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