10 Most Talked About Hollywood Facelifts

6. Jackie Stallone


The mother of popular actor, Silvester Stallone, was once famous and claimed that she can talk to dogs about the future, while also set up a psychic hotline, which charged callers for advice. Now, she looks totally different from what she used to look before, and it seems the facelifts has ruined her facial appearance. And, the reason is too much plastic surgery this time.

7. Courteney Cox


She is a perfect example of a good facelift, as it is clearly visible that maybe Courteney is lucky in terms of plastic surgery procedures, or she has not overdone it. She has successfully managed her wrinkles by taking just the right amount of Botox injections as it is even hard to make out the cosmetic procedures on her face. By looking at her pictures, you will see a very natural look on her face, and it is difficult insinuate any artificiality on her facial appearance.

8. Tara Reid


Yes, it is shocking to see Tara after the horrible transformation of her breast augmentation and tummy tuck; it seems she got it right by going for a facelift. By looking at her then and now pictures, you can easily make out that her fine wrinkles have completely vanished from her face. It seems she went to a good plastic surgeon, as now, she looks better than before.

9. Angelina Jolie


It has been speculated that even Angelina, one of the most beautiful women in the world, has undergone some plastic surgery treatments from neck tightening to facelift. To have younger looking appearance, she has tried nose job, facelifts, lip reduction, neck-tightening and even Botox injections. But, it cannot be denied that she has got it all right, as now, she looks more beautiful and appealing than before.

10. Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is accused of taking many plastic surgery procedures, like rhinoplasty, liposuction and even facelift in order to enhance his facial looks. Fine wrinkles are clearly visible on his face in his before picture, but in his recent photo, his face looks more contoured and younger indicating he has gone for the skin tightening through laser and filler injections.

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