10 Most Talked About Hollywood Facelifts

A lot of Hollywood celebs have undergone cosmetic surgery treatments, such as facelifts and rhinoplasty. Aging brings wrinkles, which are difficult to ignore, because a celebrity’s facial appearance matters a lot to their career. There is nothing wrong in going for a facelift if you can afford it, and as we all know these celebs can spend a huge sum of money on improving their facial look so as to remain appealing among the audiences. But, these facelifts badly ruined the facial appearance of some personalities, like Donatella Versace and Jocelyn Wildenstein, while Ellen DeGeneres has done it successfully.  Here, is a list of “10 Most Talked About Hollywood Facelifts”.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein



The New York socialite has got her cat-looking face through numerous facelift surgeries. Though, Jocelyn now regrets spending a huge amount of $4 million for this inhuman horrible appearance of hers. It is speculated that she has undergone a number of cheek implants and facelifts, due to which, she got her nickname as the “Bride of Wildenstein”. After she had caught her husband cheating on her, she decided to enhance her facial appearance in order to look more beautiful and appealing, and tried several cosmetic procedures. But, the result was her feline-like appearance.

2. Donatella Versace


The blonde fashion designer has done it all wrong as she looked good before undergoing the plastic surgery procedures. She has possibly taken facelift along with the nose job and lip augmentation. Instead of complementing her looks, the facelift has ruined her facial appearance. Though, she has never admitted her dismay about the bad results, but it can be speculated that she is unhappy.

3. Lara Flynn Boyle


The 39 year old television actor best-known for her appearance in “The Practice” (1997 to 2003), Lara Flynn, has changed a lot due to her facelifts. It seems she has worked a lot on her cheek muscles just to improve her smile, but instead, it looks as if she finds it difficult to smile now. By looking at her before and after images, it can be guessed that Lara is really not satisfied by the change.

4. Mickey Rourke


Well, Mickey really didn’t know that the change will so affect his career that it will become difficult for the audiences even to recognize him. After he appeared in the movie “The Wrestler”, the facelift he took transformed him into almost a different person such that his fans looked puzzled after seeing him. Definitely, the effect was not a positive one, and even became a hassle to his career. The facelift totally changed his facial appearance, thus making him look different.

5. Joan Van Ark


It’s really too tough to handle wrinkles, therefore, every woman hates aging. And, for celebrities, it is even more difficult as they have to look their best every time they appear on or off-screen. So, the pressure to stay young didn’t spare even Joan, and she took facelifts and other cosmetic procedures. Once beautiful, she barely looks the same now and appears a completely different-looking person.

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