10 Most Popular Programming Languages

Computer programming languages are used to develop applications and new programmes. These languages are a medium to communicate with the system. More than 600 programming languages are there. Have you ever wondered which programming languages are the popular ones and in a great demand in the job market? If you don’t know, then know it now. Let’s take a look at the 10 most popular programming languages.

#1 C

c_programming_languageDeveloped by Dennis Ritchie, C is a general-purpose programming language. It is the most widely used programming language. Many languages, which are now popular, borrowed directly or indirectly form C. C language lets you write the codes for many different platforms. When the coding is written in C language, the C compiler is needed to run the programme. Without C compiler, the system will not accept the coding and thus, it won’t run, and it will just remain a programme. C language is very popular amongst programmers.

#2 Java

Java_aiJava is object-oriented and general-purpose computer programming language. There are many applications, which use java to run. The programmers can write the programming once and run on any platform. This is called WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere).  The programmes can run it on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 8 versions of Java are available. For client-server web applications, Java is very popular.

#3 C++

CPlusPlusC++ is a programming language, which is general-purpose, compiled, multi paradigm, and statically typed. It is regarded as inter-mediate language. It comprises of low level and high level language features. C++ was originally named C with Classes, but later, it was renamed and changed to C++. This language is also used to design hardware.

#4 Objective-C

objective CObjective-C is an object oriented, general-purpose programming language. Objective-C adds Smalltalk-style messaging to C language. This programming language is utilized by Apple for iOS and OS X operating systems.

#5 PHP

phpPHP is a server-side scripting and general-purpose programming language. PHP is primarily designed for web development. PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page, but it was changed and now stands for PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor. It was designed by Rasmus Lerdorf.

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