10 Most Popular Browsers

Almost all of us surf the internet on the daily basis. We all want to get the requisite information on our computer screen just in a click, without waiting too long! Internet browsers have a great role in making surfing easy and fast. Today, a lot of browsers are available, but they all are not equally safe and efficient. Based on the security, simplicity and speed, we have prepared a list of 10 most popular browsers. These browsers are best not only for your computers and laptops, but also for your smartphones and mobiles. Have a look!

#1 Google Chrome

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome is a very popular and fastest freeware web browser. It is the creation of Google Incorporation. It was first released on 2nd September, 2008 as a beta version for MS Windows. On December 11, 2008, it was released as a stable browser. It is the most used web browser around the world because of its fast speed, reliability, security, and safety. It is specialized in searching data with ease and storing the links in a default manner. It is available in 53 different languages. With its outstanding features, like automatic web page translation, colour management, user tracking, Get Themes option, Chrome web store, and desktop shortcuts and apps, it secures first position on the list of most popular browsers in the world.


#2 Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla FirefoxIt is the second most popular web browser after Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox is an open and free source web browser. It was developed by Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation (subsidiary). It has approximately 450 million users globally. This browser is successful in Poland, Germany, and Indonesia with the market share of 44%, 45%, and 57%, respectively. It is known for supporting all the operating systems, including Windows, UNIX, OS X, etc. Its add-ons feature makes it an amazing browser. It possess various other features, like spell checking, live bookmarking, download manager, tabbed browsing, private browsing, etc. For productive web browsing, Mozilla Firefox is the best option.

#3 Internet Explorer

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer is a graphical web browser, which comes with Windows operating systems. It was introduced by Microsoft. It was earlier known as Windows Internet Explorer or Microsoft Internet Explorer. With availability in 95 different languages, this browser has many remarkable features, like less-intrusive notifications, repeat one box searches, tracking protection, built-in-malware, tabbed browsing, etc. With the help of Internet Explorer, users can navigate and view the web pages as per their requirements. Opera, Chrome and Firefox are some of the major competitors of this browser.


#4 Opera

OperaOpera, one of the best browsers, was developed in 1994. It was introduced as a research project by Norwegian company, named Telenor. Formerly, it was featured with sending and receiving mails, chatting on IRC, managing contacts, read web feeds, and downloading files through BitTorrent. Today, it caters over 300 million global users per month. It supports various operating systems, like OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows. Various mobile manufacturers have chosen Opera Mini as their default web browser in mobile handsets. Presently, it has various refined features, like page zooming, built-in phishing, tabbed browsing, malware protection, and mouse gestures. It is also known for fast downloading.

#5 Safari

SafariSafari is a web browser, generated by the renowned multinational company, named Apple Incorporation. It is particularly designed for iOS and Mac OS X operating systems. It offers numerous features, including autofill, bookmark integration and management, private browsing, spell checking, text search, mail integration, web inspector, quartz-style font smoothing, etc. It is well-known for fast web browsing and user interface. This web browser focuses on security and proper functioning. In 2011, Safari availed 62.17% traffic of mobile web browsing through mobile.

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