10 Most Expensive Cruise Ships in the World

#7 MS Oasis of the Seas – Royal Caribbean International

Oasis of the Seas

After being beaten by the massive ‘Allure of the Seas’, the gigantic motor-ship reaches the position of the second largest cruise ship in the world. It weighs about 100,000 metric tons. The ship can carry 6,296 passengers, along with the crew. It offers some of the best lavish facilities on its board, like luxury suites with balconies, nightclubs, restaurants and bars, a casino, a karaoke club and a zip-line. It also features basketball and volleyball courts, a small golf course, five swimming pools, and a spa. It also has a theme park, youth zone and nurseries for small children. Along with ‘Allure of the Seas’, it was designed under the name, Project Genesis.

#8 Norwegian Epic – Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic is the biggest cruise ship of the Norwegian Cruise Line. It weighs 155,873 tons and stretches to a length of 1,089 feet. The ship has the seating capacity of 4,100 passengers and 1,708 crew members. It comes with the world’s best lavish amenities. The most unique feature of this majestic motor ship is that every cabin on it has its own balcony. It was built under the name, F3 Project.

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