10 Most Expensive Cruise Ships in the World

#3 Seabourn Quest

Seabourn Quest

‘Seaborn Quest’ is another luxury cruise ship, owned by Seabourn Cruise Line. It can carry up to 450 passengers and 335 crew members. It is a private club-style ship, facilitating social gatherings. It offers features, like The Retreat – a multiuse plaza, multi-cuisine restaurants and bars, a casino spa, salon, a card room, duty-free shops, and a boutique. It also features various suites and public rooms. The ship sails across the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea, the South China Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Atlantic Sea. It is a widely acclaimed cruise ship, which has gained worldwide honors.

#4 Sea Dream II

Sea Dream II

Sea Dream II is one of the most expensive yachts in the world, operated by Sea Dream Yachts. It can accommodate a total of 112 passengers. The reason for it being so expensive is the lavish amenities that it offers, like topside restaurants, different suites, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and a ‘Sea Dream Spa and Fitness Centre’. It also features a casino, a library, a movie theatre, mobile phone service, and shopping centers. The passengers can also enjoy basketball, golf, tennis, and various other sports. All the luxurious facilities make it the best yacht to cruise on.

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