10 Most Expensive Champagnes

#7 The Krug Clos d’Ambonnay


The Krug Clos d’Ambonnay

Price- $3,500

This wine is one of the best products of the Krug Champagne house in the market. ‘The Krug Clos d’ Ambonnay’ is made by using the red wine grapes, which gives it the most exquisite and aromatic flavor. Once tasted, its fresh taste will make you long for more. In order to have this wine, you need to pay a lofty sum of $3,500.

#8 Dom Perignon


Dom Perignon

Price- $1,950

One of the rarest champagnes, Dom Perignon, is currently available at a cost of $1,950. This is produced by a champagne house, called ‘Moët & Chandon’. Though large varieties of champagne have been produced by this manufacturing house, Dom Perignon has such a charm among people that only a few bottles of it are left in the world. This is the reason for an exponential increase in the prices of this champagne.

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