10 Most Expensive Champagnes

Champagne is a sparkling wine, named after a place in France, called ‘Champagne’. The priciest wine, Champagne, is taken as an item of luxury and is often used for big celebrations. Nowadays, it’s considered as a status symbol. It has become a common ritual to serve champagne at a success party or any other celebration. Champagne is more often preferred at the bashes as it is light as compared to any other hard drink. The price of a bottle of champagne depends not only on the drink but also on the image, it has made for itself. The credit of the most expensive champagne has been taken by a brand, named ‘Goût de Diamants’, which has produced the costliest champagne ever.

Now, what has made it the most expensive champagne? Well, it’s the packaging that has made it so costly. The ‘Goût de Diamants’ champagne costs $1.2 million due to its finest packaging, thus, making it the most expensive champagne. It has the label, handcrafted with 18-carat white gold, having Swarovski crystal made superman style logo and a single 19-carat diamond encrusted in the middle. Inside the bottle is the finest hand-made blend of ‘Grand Cru Chardonnay’, ‘Pinot Noir’ and ‘Pinot Meunier’, which offers a light and creamy texture.

Goût de Diamants

Besides ‘Goût de Diamants’, there are other champagnes, which come under the category of ‘most expensive’ ones. Check out the list of ‘10 Most Expensive Champagnes’ and see, what makes them so costly!

#1 Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck


Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck

Price- $275,000

‘Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck’ tops the list among the most expensive champagnes in the world. This wine bottle is considered as the ‘holy grail’ of all the champagnes, available in the market. According to the beliefs of people, this champagne lost as a result of a shipwreck and got preserved at the ocean’s bottom. Later, in 1997, 200 bottles of it were discovered. The taste of this champagne is excellent. It costs 275,000 dollars a bottle. Well, for a royal wine lover, it’s not a big amount!

#2 Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet


Pernod Ricard Perrier Jouet

Price- $50,000

The main specialty of this vintage liquor is that it comes in a pack of 12 bottles. You can mix any of the 12 champagnes according to your mood and choice, and enjoy the taste of the most exotic blends. The reason why this is so expensive is that it gives an option to customize the champagne as per your own taste. Just a sip of this champagne will make you feel awesome and soothe your tongue for a long time. So, if you want to have this unusual combination, you need to pay a whopping sum of $50,000.

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