10 Most Expensive Jordans

Gone are the days when the players just had to satisfy themselves with a pair of any ordinary style shoes. There has been a revolutionary improvement in the availability of good quality basketball shoes. The first pair of Jordans was released in 1985, since then; some of the best basketball shoes have come up in the market. Among the available Jordans, ‘Air Jordans’ are the most popular and sought after. These are named after the popular basketball player- Michael Jordan.

A pair of the Air Jordan was actually worn by Michael Jordan and was auctioned on eBay in November 2011, for a whopping cost of $21,780. These were worn by him in 1985 All Star Game. Another pair of mint conditioned Jordan XI Blackouts was also auctioned on eBay for a price of $11,267.

Check out the below given list of 10 most expensive ‘Air Jordan shoes’, and see how much money you need to fork out from your pocket to buy one for you.

1. Air Jordan I


Price- $25,000

Designed by Peter Moore, ‘Air Jordan I’ was the first air Jordan shoes, which were released in 1985. Initially, they were made in red and black colour, but were banned by the National Basketball Association as the rules clearly state that the shoes worn by the players must have some white on them. Jordan was fined $5000 each time he wore them. Eventually, Nike came out with another design of red, black and white. In March 1985, 12 pairs of these shoes were also made in black and metallic gold for sale in Asia. A pair of these shoes will cost you around $25,000.

2. Air Mag


Price- $12,000

‘Air Mag’ is the second most expensive basketball shoes available in the market. For having these Jordans in your closet, you need to pay a hefty amount of $12,000. A pair of Nike shoes was worn by Michael Fox in the sequel of a super hit film- ‘Back to the Future’. Since then, these shoes have gained extreme popularity. Eventually, only 20 pairs were released and sold at a price of $12,000.

3. Air Jordan V


Price- $10,000

Designed by Hatfield, ‘Air Jordan V’ was released in 1990. To design these shoes, Hatfield took the inspiration from World War II fighter planes. The shape of the mid sole of the shoe is like that of shark teeth. These shoes feature a reflective tongue and clear rubber soles. The original design that was made for Michael had number 23 at the back of the shoe. They are currently priced at $10,000.

4. Air Jordan I


Price- $8,000

These shoes were released in March 1985. They were made up of pearlized leather and were designed in red, metallic white and metallic silver colour. Only 12,000 pairs of these shoes were made, which were sold at a cost of $8000 per pair.

5. Air Jordan VI


Price- $7,200

This is the last pair of Air Jordans with a Nike Air logo. ‘Air Jordan VI’ came in a variety of colours, such as white/infrared, black/infrared, white/sport blue, off white/maroon and white/carmine black. The white/carmine black version of these was worn by Jordan in the 1992 Olympics when he participated as a part of the Dream Team. It was released in 1990 and was priced at $7,200.

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