10 Celebrities Who Suffered from Bipolar Disorder

Before really getting tensed about your favorite celebs that they are suffering from some serious disease, let’s first understand that what actually bipolar disorder is? Bipolar disorder is also termed as a mood disorder, where the person experiences abnormal elevations in mood state, called as manic or hypomanic. People with this disorder are often seen under the grip of depression, lack of sleep, increased activity levels, hypersexuality, etc. Below is the list of 10 celebrities, who are known or have admitted being suffered from this depressive disorder.

1.Elvis Presley

Bipolar Disorder Celebrities

Elvis Presley is still worshipped as “god of rock music” by his fans. However, very few people know that Elvis was also a sufferer of the mood disorder. His over intake of drugs, alcohol, chronic depression, eating disorder, destructive behavior and active sex life made doctors affirm that this legendary star of rock and roll was a patient of bipolar disorder. He died at the age of 42 due to a drug overdose, which caused multiple ailments in his body, like high blood pressure, an enlarged colon, glaucoma, and liver damage.

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