10 Beautiful Celebrities with Surprising Acne Scars

#5 Katie Price

katie price Acne Scars

We often think that celebrities use the best brands, so either they do not get acne problems or even if they do, they have best makeup artists and expensive concealers to hide them. But sometimes, nothing works when you are clicked closely. Here is another celebrity who is captured. Katie has gained a lot of popularity among other actresses of Hollywood. Besides being a mother of four children and a successful actor, she is also a well-known author, former glamour model, and an English media personality. She is also one of those actresses who are facing the skin problems.

#6 Megan Fox

Megan Fox Acne Scars

Megan Fox also finds a place among the ten beautiful celebrities struggling with acne scars. At the age of 27, along with a sexy image that she boasts on-screen, the actress and model can be seen struggling with her skin problems off-screen. She can be easily spotted with much visible pimples on her cheeks and chin, which she always tries to hide publicly.

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